APT WomenAcceleration Program in Tokyo for Women
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Professional management seminar

Management Upskilling Program for Women EntrepreneursPowered by APT Women

This is a course for women entrepreneurs at an early stage of their business to foster a mindset that contributes to future development, by providing knowledge necessary for further step-up, including human resources management, marketing, management strategy, and by hearing the actual experiences of those alumni.


Seed and early stage women startup CEO, and executive within 10 years of establishment who seek to scale their business.

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50 people (requires application in advance)

Registration Fee


Course schedule and outline

All eight times (about two hours each time)

1stMay 22thTalent Management(1), Networking Session

Date/Time May 22th (Wed) 14:00 – 16:00 Lecture 16:00 - Networking session Due Date:May 17th (Fri)
Place Startup Hub Tokyo
Time schedule and contents
14:00 - 15:30
What is needed for the leaders

The image of leaders required from inside and outside the company changes depending on the stage of the company.
Based on "being what I want to be", the leader need to think about what it should be while thinking about the method of attracting supporters and promoting new business, the way of various scale-ups and possibilities.
As a lecturer, Mrs. Okuda, who plays an important role as a mother, career, etc. and works as an entrepreneur who works for the advancement of IT conferences in Japan from the early days of IT. She also is an entrepreneur who supports IT ventures.
Based on her diverse experiences, she will discuss what modern leader should be in a unique way.

Hiromi Okuda
Wiz. Group, Inc. CEO & Founder, Hiromi Okuda

Hiromi Okuda earned her Master of Social Work from University of Mumbai. In 1991 she launched a conference business specialized for the IT field, enabling a great number of IT-related private product showcasing events to come to Japan. As a mother, businesswoman, and entrepreneur, she has spent more than ten years advising, mentoring and consulting entrepreneurs. As a member of a committee member for the white paper on IT human resources, she helps support an innovative young generation in confronting challenges.

Message to entrepreneurs
"Create the world that you want to see.
And that way would eventually contribute to the future of women.
What differences are you bringing to the world by your presence? "
15:30 - 16:00
How did the aspect changed after joined APT Women

Kae Kushunoki, representative of a knitted fashion brand with sociality and fashion, who has participated in APT Women, has gained an opportunity to think about "what would I like" before "what would I like to be?"
As a result of thinking through these topics, she felt that there is infinite potential for both business and her by believing in herself, and she began to scale up her business. She started to consider what it would be like in five years, ten years during the program period. She thought about her confidence as a leader once again, and began to built up organization and plan the business development.
The program would like to ask Mrs. Kusunoki how the experience, knowledge, mindset, and community obtained in the four months of this program are connected to her growth as a manager.

Kae Kusunoki
BEYONDTHEREEF CO.,LTD. CEO&Founder, Kae Kusunoki

Born in 1975,Tokyo. After 2 years of office work experience, she became a fashion freelance writer since 2001. While still an active fashion writer, in July 2014, the mother-in-law and sister-in-law three people launched a knitting bag brand "Beyond the reef". Business tie-up with NPO corporation "five bread" afterwards. Miyagi Prefecture's Ishinomaki Reconstruction Support Project was launched in June 2015, and Beyond the Reef Co., Ltd. was established in December of the same year, becoming a representative director and designer. In December 2016, the Kawasaki Entrepreneurship Award and the Yokohama Business Grand Prix Women Entrepreneurship Award in February 2017, 2017 DBJ Business Plan Competition finalist.

Message to entrepreneurs
First of all, give priority to what you enjoy and to be happy, and use your other powers without hesitation to make a big impact on society. The possibilities are always endless.
16:00 - 18:00
Networking Session(voluntary)

2ndMay 29thManagement Strategy(1)

Date/Time May 29th (Wed) 14:00 - 16:00 Due Date:May 26th (Sun)
Place Fabbit Aoyama
Time schedule and contents
14:00 - 15:30
Why global expansion is needed

Based on the vision of "defying to the world with Japanese technology," the terra drone, a venture company with a focus on global development from the beginning of its establishment, is now a major force overseas.
Mr. Tokushige said, "Women entrepreneurs who often work on problem solving are more likely to get approval from many people, so I want them to see the world more."
We will talk about the necessity of global development, with the successes and failures we experienced while expanding our business around the world and examples of women entrepreneurs who are active in the world.

Toru Tokushige
Terra Motors Corporation/Terra Drone Corporation Founder & CEO Toru Tokushige

Teradrone Co., Ltd. and Representative Director of Terra Motors Co., Ltd. Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1970 and graduated from Kyushu University, Faculty of Engineering. Engaged in product planning and business planning at Sumitomo Marine Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. (at that time). After leaving the company, he obtained an MBA from Thunderbird Graduate School of Management and provided investment and hands-on support for venture companies in Silicon Valley. Established Terra Motors Co., Ltd., a venture company for electric motorcycles, in April 2010. Establishes a local corporation in Vietnam, India, and Bangladesh with the No. 1 share in the domestic market in two years. Then, in 2016, Terradrone Co., Ltd. was established with the main focus of surveying business by drone. He wants to create a mega venture from Japan that can win in the world market. His books include "Made by Japan" Strategy for Counterattack (PHP Research Institute).

Message to entrepreneurs
There are many entrepreneurs who are doing just for themselves, but I think that women entrepreneurs are often doing business for people in need in the world because of society. There are many cases where social activities are supported by many people, and it has the potential to become a large business.
Please create a role model.
15:30 - 16:00
The trigger of global expansion provided by APT Women

"The overseas expansion became a reality because we participated in the APT Women," said the first term participant, Emiko Kawamoto, who operates a web service "My Best Pro" that can search experts in various businesses. She was in NY dispatch, the collaboration with local companies and the acquisition of collaborators were achieved and the results were great, and now the network has been expanded to be asked to hold an event locally in NY.
We ask Mrs. Kawamoto to talk about the actual experience as to why she wanted to go overseas and how to get hold of the overseas network.

Fumiko Kawamoto
First Brand Inc. CEO, Fumiko Kawamoto

After studying in the UK, he graduated from Dokkyo University's Department of Economics, and then worked at a bank and a foreign airline. Established “First Brand Studio Co., Ltd. (currently First Brand Inc.) Ltd., aiming to become a consumer-friendly Internet service company in 2002, and became the CEO. In 2012, he became a part-time lecturer at Kobe University Graduate School of Business Administration. Forbes Japan official columnist. His books include "How to get a lifetime customer" (Diamond) and "How to become a top-class woman" (ASK).

Message to entrepreneurs
At APT Women, I was able to make great female entrepreneurs friends and I was able to expand overseas through NY dispatch. Come and get the chance and opportunity to realize your dreams by participating in the program!

3rdJune 5thMarketing(1)

Date/Time June 5th (Wed) 14:00 - 16:00 Due Date:June 2nd (Sun)
Place Fabbit Aoyama
Time schedule and contents
14:00 - 15:30
Why scalling up the business is important, how to create a scable business
Makiko Sato
CEO and parter of iSGS Investment Works, Inc. Makiko Sato

Joined CyberAgent Inc., as the first fresh graduate in 2000. became the first female manager of the Internet Advertising Business Division, and, in addition to sales, contributed to recruitment and organizational development. Upon gaining experience on the founding of a subsidiary company, contributed in venture investment in CyberAgent Ventures. Invested in 30 companies in 9 years while also assisting startups in launching their business, achieve fundraising, construct business models, and develop their organization to better become a partner for startups. Established her own venture capital firm in February 2016, becoming founder and partner of iSGS Investment Works Inc. Invests regardless of the industry and startup stage, and works to promote new business together with startups.

Message to entrepreneurs
Japanese women entrepreneurs are by far that they need to improve the most is their connection, motivation, sharing of knowledge and experience, and the lack of opportunities for presentation.
At APT Women, we have seen women entrepreneurs, who usually do not flock, stimulate one another and look more and more into things that are changing rapidly. We look forward to meeting entrepreneurs who are ready to take on new challenges and seek new growth and change as a business owner and entrepreneur!
15:30 - 16:00
How to make more people know about business
Lina (Sakai) Watanabe
Fermenstation Co., LTD. President and Representative Director, Lina (Sakai) Watanabe

Graduated from International Christian University (ICU). Worked at Fuji Bank (now Mizuho Bank), Deutsche Securities, etc.
Interested in fermentation technology, entered Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Department of Brewing Science, Graduated from March 2009. In the same year, established Farm Station. The research theme is the production of locally produced bioethanol, development of effective utilization technology of unused resources. My favorite microorganism is bacillus. My favorite fermented beverage is beer. I am from Tokyo.

Message to entrepreneurs
The days of entrepreneurs are really like a roller coaster, but with APT Women, I was able to be ready to share my thoughts with others and prepare for the future. Everyone, please join us on APT Women!

4thJune 12thMarketing(2)

Date/Time June 12th (Wed) 14:00 - 16:00 Due Date:June 9th (Sun)
Place Fabbit Aoyama
Time schedule and contents
14:00 - 15:30
How to make more people know about business, utilizing media
Hiroyuki Abe
Abe Hiroyuki Co. Founder & CEO Hiroyuki Abe

Born in Tokyo in 1955. Journalist, Part-time Professor of Industrial Efficiency University.
Graduated from Keio University, International University Graduate School. Joined Nissan Motor in 1979. Overseas export Business plan etc. Joined Fuji TV in 1992. Prime Minister's House, etc., political and economic cap, NY branch director, economic director, commentary, News Japan caster, BS Fuji Prime news commentary caster. 2013 Web media "Japan In-depth" was launched. Independent as a crisis management consultant. He also works as a consultant for companies and individuals to strengthen their ability to disseminate information.

Message to entrepreneurs
For women's startups, the tailwinds are blowed just right now. Under such circumstances, what is required is your ability to disseminate information. I will share some tips for thinking about how to expose to media and connect it to branding.
15:30 - 16:00
How to create business fan
Maki Nagamori
Carry On Inc. Co-founder & COO, Maki Nagamori

Born in Tokyo. After graduating from Keio University, she joined the Maersk Line, the world's largest marine shipping company in Denmark. Since then she has been active as a freelance Japanese-English bilingual MC / announcer / interpreter, mainly at international conferences, sports international conferences, overseas trade shows etc. The nation's largest children's clothing sharing platform "Carry-on" has received a lot of support, including easy-to-use exhibition methods that capture the needs of moms, careful product management, and high-quality sales products. The company is expanding its business in many fields, such as running a re-use shop at a real store, managing a PB utilizing a membership base, corporate sales of used children's clothes, and sharing services for mothers' clothes.

Message to entrepreneurs
I tried management, childcare and hiring, and I experienced how sensitive women and mothers feel inside about "Being women".
"Self" and "Woman" with the additional conditions to bind yourself, narrowing your vision. It is also myself that imposes prejudice. I think that "women's utilization" in this country can not be realized for the rest of their life without correcting the social climate and common sense. There are mosses and walls everywhere, but let's break through together. Put your own discipline too.

5thJune 19thFinancing(1), Networking Session

Date/Time June 19th (Wed) 14:00 – 16:00 Lecture 16:00 - Networking session Due Date:June 16th (Sun)
Place Startup Hub Tokyo
Time schedule and contents
14:00 - 15:30
Financing Success Story
Fumiko Kato
WAmazing Inc. CEO Fumiko Kato

After graduating from Keio SFC, she joined Recruit Co., Ltd. After being involved in the development of new businesses on the net such as launch and planning development of "Jalan net" and "Hot Pepper Gourmet", she moved to "Jalan Research Center". We launched "Snow Maji! 19" aiming at traveler analysis by big data analysis and revitalization of snow leisure. Founded WAmazing Co., Ltd. in July 2016 and developed WAmazing, a tourist platform service for foreign visitors to Japan. Providing an Internet communication environment with SIM cards lent free of charge at major airports in Japan, and providing travel agent functions such as reservation arrangements and purchasing support for accommodation and leisure facilities required for travel in Japan.

Message to entrepreneurs
You are you only in this life, if you have something you want to do and you want to realize by the society, why not try? After working for 18 years in a large company after graduate college, I started my own business at the age of 40. It's never too late to start.
15:30 - 16:00
Financing Know-how
Tadayuki Tsubota
JAPAN FINANCE CORPORATION Micro Business and Individual Unit Senior Officer , Tokyo Business Start-up Support Cente Tadayuki Tsubota

Received a receipt at the National Consumer Finance Corporation (currently Japan Policy Finance Corporation) in 2007. The branch mainly engaged in the loan review, and supported raising more than 1,000 companies including founding companies. In addition to planning and managing events for founders and seminars for venture companies from April 2020 at the Tokyo Foundation Support Center, we are also engaged in entrepreneur education, including business trip classes on business plans in high school.

Message to entrepreneurs
We recommend that you make good use of financial institutions to realize your thoughts in your business. We will talk about "know-how of the money" to put the business on track with examples.
16:00 - 18:00
Networking Session(voluntary)

6thJune 26thManagement Strategy(2)

Date/Time June 26th (Wed) 14:00 - 16:00 Due Date:June 23th (Sun)
Place Startup Hub Tokyo
Time schedule and contents
14:00 - 15:30
How to communicate your business smartly
Masa Tadokoro
Unicorn Farm Inc. CEO, Basic Inc. CSO Basic Chief Strategy Officer Masa Tadokoro

A serial entrepreneur who has founded five companies in Japan and Silicon Valley, U.S. Has also served as a partner of a venture capital in Silicon Valley. Startup Director for the global startup event Pioneers Asia. Has evaluated more than 2,000 companies from across the world. Currently serves as a strategic advisor and board member of several startups in Japan and overseas. Chief Strategic Officer of Japan's largest web marketing company Basic Inc. Chief Strategic Officer of the business creation company Blue Marlin Partners. In 2017, founded the startup support company Unicorn Farm.
Author of "Startup Science," a presentation that recorded 70,000 shares around the world, and the bestseller book “Kigyo No Kagaku: Startup Science” (translation: “Science of Entrepreneurship: Startup Science”), which ranked first in the sales ranking for 51consecutive weeks (November 2, 2017, to October 22, 2018) in three sections (business, entrepreneurship, and innovation).

Message to entrepreneurs
FemTech (FemTech) is expected to have a large market in the future. What I feel as a lectuerer of APT Women is that women challenges can only be solve by women. We will help you in your breakthrough, so we hope you have the courage to apply for APT Women.
15:30 - 16:00
The reason I aimed at the world
Machi Takahashi
Stroly Inc. Co-CEO/President, Machi Takahashi

After graduating from Carleton College in the US and Just System Co., Ltd., he became president of ATR Creative Co., Ltd. in 2007. Conducted MBO in 2017 and made a new start as Stroly. Received the 4th Kyoto Women Entrepreneurs Award (Entrepreneur Award) in 2016, and received the "Kinki Economic Industry Bureau Director's Award", and in the same year, he became a finalist of the DBJ-WEC Japan Policy Investment Bank. In 2019, he was selected as the only finalist in Japan in the US SXSW Pitch.

Message to entrepreneurs
It's not difficult to start a business, but a network tailored to the stage is essential for continued growth. Expand your network through APT Women.

7thJuly 3thTalent Management(2)

Date/Time July 3th (Wed) 14:00 - 16:00 Due Date:June 30th (Sun)
Place Fabbit Aoyama
Time schedule and contents
14:00 - 15:30
How to gather business partner
Yuki Takahashi
Bears Co. Vice President Yuki Takahashi

Since the company's establishment, Yuki Takahashi's own experiences have greatly influenced "the new way of living for users" and "the creation of new employment in Japan as a worker" that the company has advocated to Japanese society. In order to create a new maid service experienced in Hong Kong in Japan and make it an industry, we will start with a small cleaning business at home and office together with her husband. Currently there are 569 employees and 5200 registered staff. Under the slogan of “making the housework agency service as a new infrastructure for living in Japan,” as a leading company, we contribute to the growth and development of the housework agency service industry. The world's first home-run university was established in 2015, and a new challenge was launched as the president. Awarded "High Service Japan 300" in 2010. Received the 2011 Courageous Business Grand Prix Special Award. Performed in 2012 TV Tokyo "Cambria Palace". In 2017, acquired Japan's first "Housekeeping Service Service Certification" (Japan Standards Association).
In-house mainly responsible for branding, marketing, new service development and human resource development. As an individual, he is a jury member of various business contests and commentator of the Japan Management Association's “Management and Marketing Strategy Course”, and also works extensively in television and magazines as a housework researcher and a Japanese lifestyle researcher. Even in the 2016 TBS drama "Fleeing is a shame but useful," he was in charge of housework supervision. Mother of 1 boy 1 girl.

Message to entrepreneurs
We only have one life
Make your aspiration to become true! !

Imagine a glorious future
With a look that will create
Let's work hard, with love!
15:30 - 16:00
How to lead mutinational team
Kaoru Joho
TableCross Inc. Foudner & CEO Kaoru Joho

Born in 1993. Graduated from Rikkyo University Faculty of Economics in 2015. We have devised a "table cloth" mechanism that simultaneously solves the problems of children's poverty seen in developing countries and advertising expenses for restaurants. she raise 100 million funds from investors etc. and start a business in the third grade of university. Received WWN2018 sponsored by EY. EO GSEA Global Contest Japan Representative, Campus Venture Grand Prix Resona Bank Award. Many lectures at companies, economic organizations, universities and NPOs.

Message to entrepreneurs
One of the most memorable things when I was in the third year of university in 2014 was that I did not have any of the resources "people, things, money, and information" that were said to be necessary for business management. It is a good memory now, but how do you manage at that time, and share good and bad things that do not appear in the media, and hope to grow together. What I can do is limited, but I believe that each one's one step changes Japan and I want to work with each other.

8thJuly 10thFinancing(2), Networking Session

Date/Time July 10th (Wed) 14:00 – 16:00 Lecture 16:00 - Networking session Due Date:July 7th (Sun)
Place Startup Hub Tokyo
Time schedule and contents
14:00 - 15:30
How Women Entrepreneurs Make Successful Financing
Eriko Suzuki
Fresco Capital General Partner Eriko Suzuki

General Partner of global VC fund Fresco Capital.
Born in 1986 and grew up overseas across multiple continents from North America to the Middle East.
After graduating from McGill University, worked for Investment Banking divisions of Morgan Stanley and UBS. Then established the Japan entity of a US based drone startup.

Passionate about solving social issues by tapping into global perspectives and insights into finance and technology, joined Taizo Son's Impact "community" Mistletoe, Inc. as Investment Director.
Also launched communities such as future female+ and wellness communities such as MIKO.
Mother of two children and published “How we live, will be how we work.” (2018, DAIWASHOBO)

Message to entrepreneurs
I highly respect entrepreneurs who are challenged to solve complex problems. And especially women are often having different perspectives, although unfortunately there are still barriers. As Einstein also said, "any problem can not be solved by the same consciousness that created it. "
It is an honor to serve you all.
15:30 - 16:00
What you see over the funding
Young Gum Kang
Craftie Inc. Founder & CEO Young Gum Kang

Born in Tokyo in 1985. She likes to stay inside of the building, and her hobbies are art such as watercolors, oil paintings and colored pencils. Become an adult and start making accessories. In college, she interned in overseas hedge funds and domestic venture capital. For new graduates, after working for four and a half years in strategic consulting, she worked in Rakuten for two and a half years in Singapore & Japan. The company re-recognized the attractiveness of the hobby craft industry during the Rakuten time and resigned as a result of finding the possibility as a business. Soon after, she founded Craftie in 2016.

Message to entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurship is a journey filled with many challenges. I think it's very important to share the challenge with you and proceed. Teams and investors, mentors and entrepreneurs. The business will expand with various ties. Please do your best by making the most from APT Women and all networks!
16:00 - 18:00
Networking Session(voluntary)

Please note

  • Application is required each time for participating in more than one session.
  • Participation in this seminar is not mandatory for entry in the domestic acceleration program.
  • Participation in the party is voluntary.

APT Women Briefing Session

Talking about the know-how and mindset for women entrepreneurs to move up a step

Before starting Professional management seminars and domestic acceleration programs, we are holding a talk session including explanations on specific businesses and real opinions from APT Women alumni, so as to foster better understanding of what kind of management know-how and mindset can be obtained through APT Women.

(Participation is not mandatory for taking the Professional management seminars and other programs.)

Date/Time 2019/5/14(Tuesday)14:00 - 16:30
*Door open at 13:30 Networking session will be held from 15:30
Place Startup Hub Tokyo

Potential women entrepreneur, seed and early stage women startup CEO, and executive who seek to scale their business.

  • * Women only, sorry!
  • * Nursery service will be provided by the program, please utilize the service and join the program.
    Please check the email after filling out the application. Nursery service application is listed in the email after registration. Please fill out the required fields and reply to the email.
Capacity 100 (pre-register required)
Registration Fee Free
Time schedule and contents
14:00 - 14:05
Introduction about Startup Hub Tokyo
14:05 - 14:40
Welcome Remarks
Introducing program background, the purpose, and the content
  • Program overview, purpose and summary
  • Domestic Acceleration Program / Overseas Dispatch Program
  • Eligibility / Process / Examination criteria
  • The accomplishment report event
14:40 - 15:20
Voice from Participant (Domestic Ver.)

Incentive of participating in APT Women, domestic scaling example
Crossdoor Inc. Yoko Odate

Discussion by APT Women participants (Oversea ver.)

Incentive of participating in APT Women oversea dispatch program
Oversea dispatch program, discussion of expanding business globally

Question-and-answer session
15:20 - 15:30
fill in questionnaire
15:30 - 16:30
Networking Session

Networking session for women entrepreneurs and APT Women participants with snacks and beverages.