APT WomenAcceleration Program in Tokyo for Women

Program Participants

6th Program Participants


  • Atsuko Oku
    Atsuko Oku


    Creating a "Remote Large Family" with the Avatar Robot ChiCaRo - A New Form of Parenting

    We are developing ChiCaRo, an avatar robot that can raise children together with distant family members.

    With ChiCaRo in the home, grandparents and friends who live far away can remotely control ChiCaRo and play with their children. Mothers and fathers who are busy with housework and childcare can realize remote co-parenting, raising their children with people they feel safe with, while remaining in the closed home.

    Originally, humans are creatures that raise their children in groups. However, as the nuclear family becomes more and more common, and the burden of housework and child-rearing increases, "one-operation child-rearing" causes parents to feel anxious and distressed physically and mentally, which can interfere with their daily lives.

    In response to this situation, we have developed a robot that enables remote childcare to structurally approach the problem of childcare. In addition to family members, doctors, nursery teachers, midwives, and other "childcare support specialists" will provide assistance via robots, making it possible to realize a "remote extended family" where society works together to raise children.

  • Kazuha Ogura
    Prhythm Tech LLC
    Kazuha Ogura


    Creating a society where one person in every company is a "community manager"

    We are developing a training program for corporate clients to enable business people to acquire the skills of a "community manager.

    Recently, the importance of user communities has been discussed mainly by IT software companies and SaaS companies. This is because companies can improve their customer lifetime value (LTV) and reduce their customer acquisition cost (CAC) by building a good community.
    However, since the role of "community manager," which involves planning and managing communities, is a relatively new one, we have received many comments that there are no members with the know-how within the company and that it is difficult to train them. In response to this need, we are providing a place where community managers can systematically learn about their duties and exchange information on an ongoing basis.

    Through this program, companies can establish and manage user communities in a short period of time.
    In addition, we are also developing services to support the work of community managers.

  • Ai Shimizu
    FUTARINO, Inc.
    Ai Shimizu


    Create a society where couples can update their relationship together without relying solely on our own strength

    With the aim of creating a society where two people who share their lives can realize their own unique way of being, we are launching Futurino, a platform that specializes in counseling couples on their problems.

    The deeper the problem, the more difficult it is to talk about it with those closest to you, and the higher the psychological hurdle for couples counseling, the more likely it is that both men and women will face it alone.
    In addition, as partnerships change and values diversify, marital problems are becoming more and more diverse, making it difficult for couples to find solutions on their own.

    This is where we come in. We support the essential improvement of the relationship by providing a place where the couple can meet an older person who has overcome the same problems at an early stage or a third party who can broaden their horizons and listen to them with peace of mind. By creating a platform for mutual support where anyone can be both a counselor and a listener, we aim to create a society where couples can support each other and update their relationship without being self-centered.

  • Yuka Suzuki
    SheREER Veil Inc.
    Yuka Suzuki


    "Beauty and daily necessities" approach to the inventory loss problem spurred by Coronavirus

    Utilizing our experience in beauty product sales and wholesaling, we provide a dedicated BtoB EC service that reduces the inventory loss problem of beauty products and daily necessities throughout Japan.

    In the wake of Corona, the issue of inventory loss has been attracting more attention. Things that should have been sold in stores, and things that would have been necessary if people had not been forced to live with self-restraint, now have nowhere to go.

    However, there are many things in the world that do not sell well here, but sell well there.

    "In this way, companies that are happy to sell their inventory and companies that want to purchase goods at reasonable prices are matched on the EC. This is a BtoB EC service that creates an option to turn inventory into value, rather than simply disposing of it.

    First, we will focus on beauty products and daily necessities based on our experience and connections. We will create a service that can create new value by reducing the need to buy or dispose of items at a knock-down price.

  • Mei Kurata
    COMPASS, Inc.
    Mei Kurata


    A platform for job change

    "Creating a pathway for everyone to achieve greater things than they have ever done before."
    We believe that visualization of the path and control of the time axis are essential to achieve dreams that cannot be seen beyond the current continuous situation.
    People have a habit of putting off matters that they perceive as less urgent even if they are of high importance. We, the founding members, have always recognized this as an issue. Our mission is to help people eliminate the habit of procrastinating on their future and dreams by providing them with a time frame to accomplish their goals through proper career and life planning.

    As a first step in helping to eliminate the habit of procrastination, we are developing a platform to realize job changes for job seekers who are engaged in jobs with a high risk of disappearing in the next 10 years and are worried about their future.

  • Akino Tako
    Akino Tako


    Helping people build good relationships by expressing their feelings of care for others through gifts

    Research has proven that humans are creatures that seek happiness, and that happiness is brought about by good human relationships. However, many people are so busy with work and daily life that they neglect their human relationships, only to regret it when the situation becomes irreversible.

    "We believe that one of the ways to maintain and build good relationships is to use gifts to express how much you care about the other person, and we will provide a service that allows you to send gifts that the other person will enjoy smoothly. Specifically, the service will suggest the most suitable gift based on the recipient's input information, making it easy to select a gift that will please the recipient and satisfy the giver.

    In the long run, we hope to foster a culture in Japan where expressing one's feelings for others becomes a matter of course.

  • Shizuka Nishimura
    Shizuka Nishimura


    Supporting the wellbeing of working women with letters to their future selves

    "LetterMe is a subscription service that allows women to write a letter to themselves once a month for the following month, giving them time to reflect on themselves.

    LetterMe is a subscription service that provides women with time to reflect on themselves by writing a letter to themselves once a month for the following month. While a variety of options and opportunities are expanding in women's careers, many women are bewildered by the biological age and role barriers to childbirth, the gender gap in society, and the values of their parents' generation. LetterMe helps working women to improve their wellbeing by supporting their mental self-care and autonomous career development through letters to themselves.

    In addition to BtoC subscription services, we are also developing BtoB businesses using the LetterMe method for companies that are working to improve the wellbeing of their employees, which is attracting attention in corporate management.

  • Yuko Yamasaki
    Samaria inc.,Ltd.
    Yuko Yamasaki


    X-Tech platform to protect Japanese content with NFT & DRM

    The total amount of content pirated in Japan is known to be 2 trillion yen per year. If we include the unknown amount, nearly 10 trillion yen is being distributed as pirated copies, and national interests are being drained. In addition, despite the high demand for Japanese anime overseas, piracy is widespread.

    Samaria has developed an X-Tech platform that protects Japanese content with blockchain (NFT) and DRM, and implements NFT on media, especially Japanese versions of Netflix and manga anime, to prevent piracy.
    We will not only sell these products as media, but also implement them as stand-alone technology for existing media, and expand into other industries, real estate, finance, bitcoin, cyber security, and various other fields.

  • Alyssa Yamashita
    Buganda, Inc.
    Alyssa Yamashita


    Providing a new type of travel with "investment X timeshare"

    "I can't afford to go on vacation because I need to save up 20 million yen for retirement."
    For teleworkers with such problems, we offer an investment-type timeshare service that combines elements of both timeshare and crowdfunding.

    By enabling affordable investment in small-lot accommodations using blockchain, people of a wider range of incomes and ages can use accommodations as if they owned a vacation home.
    With the spread of telework and work vacations, the hurdle of attracting customers to accommodations during the off-season has been lowered. This is a new management style that allows young people who want to go on vacation to become owners of accommodations.
    This is not just a way to travel, but also a way to realize low-budget lodging in an investment destination while managing assets and improving the occupancy rate of facilities that have been hit by the headwind of the Corona disaster.


  • Chika Ezure
    Essay inc.
    Chika Ezure


    The "Okaeri" shorts that give shape to women's voiceless discomfort and free their minds and bodies.

    We launched the empowerment brand "I _ for ME" to develop and market "Okaeri" shorts, a relaxing wear that is gentle on the delicate zone.

    According to our survey, as many as half of the women felt uncomfortable with shorts that tightly fit the delicate zone, such as tightness, itching, and steaminess. However, problems related to the delicate zone, such as shorts, have been overlooked because they are not easily visualized due to their taboo nature.

    To address this issue, we have developed "Okaeri" shorts, a relaxing wear that can be worn directly on the body, to provide a new habit of delicate zone care just by putting on the shorts, thereby freeing the minds and bodies of women.

    In addition, we will contribute to the improvement of women's wellbeing by creating an environment where women can find appropriate information sources for their unique concerns, including the delicate zone, in cooperation with medical institutions.

  • Naoko Kita
    Joconne co. ltd.
    Naoko Kita


    With the mission of improving women's health literacy, we aim to realize a society where women can live with respect for themselves.

    I want women to know their own bodies, face them, overcome menstrual cramps and menopausal disorders better, take care of themselves, and shine brightly on their own axis. I also wanted to be like that, so I founded "Jokone. to develop and provide services.

    We develop and provide online training for the pelvic floor muscles, which are important for women, as well as postpartum training for mothers to adjust and recover their pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, and health literacy courses to help women learn about their health and face themselves. We also provide seminars on women's health for those working in the corporate world.
    We are striving to realize a society where women can live with high health literacy without getting lost in accessing information and services related to their health.


  • Yasuko Kernin-Aoki
    Alchemist Ptd. Ltd.
    Yasuko Kernin-Aoki


    Rebranding Japan's ancient plant-based foods and bringing them to the world stage!

    Japan has a treasure trove of plant-based food products.
    In the course of providing "marketing and PR" support for selling Japanese food in Singapore for seven years, every time I came in contact with the ability and sincerity of Japanese producers and the "high quality food" that they can be proud of anywhere in the world, I felt that "Japanese food" should be more recognized and appreciated by the world.
    However, there are many products that do not see the light of day in the global market because of the weakness in marketing and PR of Japanese foods. Among them, I believe that Japan's high-quality plant-based foods such as fu and konnyaku, as well as its vegetarian cuisine culture, deserve to be introduced to the world.

    The global market for plant-based foods is expected to grow from 257.2 billion yen in 2020 to 1.8 trillion yen by 2030.
    By rebranding the plant-based foods of Japanese producers, we will deliver and sell Japanese food and culture that is good for the body and the environment to the world.

  • Chisato Sakurai
    comipro Inc.
    Chisato Sakurai


    comiproAI, an AI analysis system for facial expressions and voice, supports all people who are troubled with their speech.

    We have developed "comiproAI", a system that can analyze facial expressions and voice at the same time with "AI x Announcer".

    In order to solve the problems of "how to speak well" and "how not to be nervous", comiproAI features AI analysis of facial expressions and voice emotions at the same time to quantify the emotions and "understand them objectively".

    Eight types of facial expressions and five types of voice emotions can be analyzed. When you upload a video from your smartphone or other camera, your emotions are displayed in a waveform graph every second, and the AI provides quantitative comments, personality diagnosis, and improvement reports.

    The announcer acts as a trainer, and based on the results of AI analysis, you can learn how to talk in situations such as sales, presentations, interviews, and web conferences. (Available in Japanese and English)

    Changing the way you speak will change your life. We hope that many people will experience the joy of speaking.

  • Minori Jo
    Global Qualtet Inc.
    Minori Jo


    Fastest and best solution for research issues in the company with the power of a community of consultants who are both reviewed and recommended by others.

    We are developing a service that allows users to ask questions anytime, anywhere on a "research-specific" community platform where professional consultants gather, and get multiple answers with high speed and accuracy.

    Originally, market research and other research requests were made with a hypothesis in mind, and the outline of the research was sent to a research company. However, in reality, there are issues where time is taken up in the process of pondering in the early stages during the internal review, or where despite the time spent, the research is proceeding fearfully without having a clear hypothesis set or a research image that is useful for strategy. The situation is as frustrating as the need to run a business at high speed.

    This service aims to be like a "research consultation service" where you can easily ask any number of questions and hit the wall, from clearing your mind when you don't have a hypothesis yet, to when you need to conduct a different type of research or method for business strategy or new business planning.

  • Kumiko Harada
    A-Co-Labo Inc.
    Kumiko Harada


    Creating New Industry-Academia Co-Creation Value from a Knowledge Sharing Service for Researchers

    We provide A-Co-Labo, a research knowledge sharing service that utilizes the knowledge of researchers for business purposes.
    A-Co-Labo appropriately coordinates registered researchers and provides support from multiple perspectives to companies seeking non-specialized know-how and cutting-edge seeds.

    The environment surrounding researchers in Japan is very severe. Among them, the problem of researchers' careers is quite serious, and there are many researchers who want to utilize the skills they have acquired in the field of research in society, but are troubled about where they can utilize them.

    On the other hand, companies that support Japan's technology are also facing challenges in sharing funds, specialized human resources, and know-how.
    In Japan, where in-house development is deeply rooted, industry-academia collaboration without relationship building is a hurdle, and there are few fields where both parties can challenge each other lightly.

    We aim to create a new form of co-creation by creating a place where research and business can get to know each other and provide each other with value through our research knowledge sharing service.


  • Kazusa Esumi
    ​​COM-MA Laboratory , Inc.
    Kazusa Esumi


    Develop a food experience brand as an autonomous organization that involves customers and aims to realize a self-fulfilling society

    We are developing both our business model and services with the theme of self-realization.

    In October 2021, we will launch the Comma Lab brand based on the concept of encountering the "in-between" that opens up your senses. It is a brand that allows people to feel a sense of self-efficacy by actually experiencing things that they had subconsciously given up thinking they would never be able to do. The first product to be released is a coffee roasting experience. We will remove the stereotype that only professionals can roast coffee, and offer the experience of roasting coffee by yourself.

    We will also welcome customers who have experienced and shared our service as "Fellows" and form a community. By providing opportunities to be involved in the community from the business launch and product development stages, we aim to establish a new business model of a process economy that eliminates the barriers between the roles of customers and employees, and aims to become a self-sustaining organization that develops services while interacting with everyone.

  • Natsuko Waki
    Hitotsubo Cha-en Inc.
    Natsuko Waki


    Creating a global lifestyle where people can enjoy Japanese tea in a delicious, easy, and ethical way

    In response to issues such as the drastic decrease in demand for tea leaves using kyusu (a Japanese teapot) and Japanese tea farmers (industry) going out of business, we would like to create the future of tea by connecting the thoughts of those who make and drink tea globally, creating new demand for tea, increasing the number of people involved in tea, and involving them in the process.
    We will create a global lifestyle where people can enjoy the craftsmanship of Japanese tea, which is in decline, in a "delicious," "easy," and "ethical" way, and create a system where tea (especially the first tea, which is the source of income for tea farmers) can be continuously traded at a fair price.

    We will create a lifestyle in which people can drink Japanese tea in their own bottles year-round, not only in Japan, but also globally, by simply pouring water-dashi tea bags ("tea that tastes good with just water") into their own bottles. We will not only provide products, but also expand the frontiers of tea with a variety of borderless services for people who drink tea, visit tea producing areas, or become tea farmers once a week, and take on the challenge of increasing demand for tea.

Healthcare & Fitness

  • Motoka Kamo
    Motoka Kamo


    Enriching the wellness life of all people with the power of nutrition

    With the vision of creating a world where wellness and health consciousness are the norm, we are developing the MURB brand of nutrition and expanding into the Asian and American fitness markets.

    MURB started out as RTD protein.
    In the future, we will expand our "manufacturing" activities related to sports and health care, and at the same time, we aim to ensure that people, communities, and society as a whole are in a state of good health through the "creation of things" such as the implementation of sports events and the provision of wellness content.

    I have heard many people say, "After I became a member of society, I felt the joy of being healthy, the beauty of enjoying sports, and the importance of the community that arises from it". We are convinced that expanding the number of such voices will lead to the solution of future health issues, and we will continue to promote the creation of truly valuable products and services.

  • Miyuki Seto
    Hapilabo co.,Ltd.
    Miyuki Seto


    Making oriental self-care more accessible. Aiming for the wellbeing of people and society

    We operate MEGURIE, a self-care brand of domestic Japanese herbal medicine.

    Through the development of Japanese and Chinese products that are easy to incorporate into daily life, such as skin care and tea, and the dissemination of information on oriental self-care, we propose options for habits that take care of oneself and address the issue of domestic herbal medicines.
    Currently, 80% of herbal medicines distributed in Japan are imported. Although there are calls to promote domestic production, it has not spread much, and there is a growing problem of abandoned land and a need to revitalize towns using herbal medicines. We believe that it is important to increase consumption for purposes other than medicine and to create a cycle, and in addition to the use of MEGURIE, we are preparing a service to deliver small amounts of domestically produced Wakan-yaku to as many people as possible.
    We will continue to develop our business to contribute to the creation of well-being for people and society, aiming to improve the circulation of people, domestic Wakan and the environment, while valuing horizontal connections among producers and experts in pharmacology and agriculture.

  • Mai Yamada
    My Fit, Inc.
    Mai Yamada


    Maximize the healthy life span of individuals by providing healthy food tailored to their constitution, goals, and food preferences

    By simply answering about 20 simple questions online, we are developing a personalized protein with about 100,000 combinations of ingredients, protein amount, and taste all tailored to the user. It is an all-in-one type of protein that contains vitamins and other micronutrients as well as functional ingredients, and is a natural protein that contains no unnecessary additives.

    While people's health consciousness is on the rise, partly due to the influence of Coronavirus, it is not easy to find out what is the best solution for you from the plethora of health methods available in the world. Each of us is unique, with different genes, lifestyles, and preferences, and there is no such thing as a common health method for everyone.

    In order to solve this problem, we are operating with the mission of maximizing the healthy life span of individuals by providing optimal healthy food.

Fashion & Beauty

  • Yoko Iwakura
    Anu cosmetics Inc.
    Yoko Iwakura


    I want to help busy women to love themselves as they are

    We are developing a DtoC business with our original skincare brand.
    Our original skincare brand, supervised by a doctor from Keio University and formulated with rare stem cells NMP, is sold in more than 100 stores nationwide, including department stores.

    As a beauty writer, I have tried tens of thousands of the latest cosmetics, but I could not find the ideal cosmetics. Millennial women, who are busy with work and raising children, do not have time in their busy lives to get close to their ideal skin. We have developed our original skincare brand for such women, focusing on getting the maximum effect in the minimum amount of time, so that they can love themselves (bare skin) as they are, without spending too much time.
    We will continue to do our best to make ANU known to as many people as possible.

  • Yuka Kobayashi
    MIKUNI Inc.
    Yuka Kobayashi


    Proposing a freer way of life for people around the world through miraculous threads born from Kyoto's water

    MIKUNI Inc. aims to contribute to the enrichment and security of people's lives around the world by using yarns with new values in line with the times, such as instant deodorant, antibacterial, antiviral, and Ph-control functions that "can only be spun with Kyoto water.

    Our yarns, which have been endorsed by the chairman of one of Japan's leading medical corporations, are supported not only by business and daily life, but also by medical and nursing care facilities, professional sports industries, and people in the entertainment industry who require higher functionality.

    Our company is also home to some of the world's most popular designers, including fashionistas who are listed in the UK's "The Business of Fashion," which selects 500 of the world's leading fashion industry figures. In addition to the sales of the OXTRAL series, which are our own products created by these designers, we also provide one-stop support for producing new products for our clients, consulting, and proposing sales promotion and PR measures for the products we have developed.

  • Haruna Suzuki
    Haruna Suzuki


    Making beauty salons the starting point for preventive medicine. We will introduce you to a hair stylist with whom you can have a long-term relationship based on compatibility.

    We are developing "Faview," which creates a new beauty experience from treatment to follow-up by meeting a compatible beautician through personality diagnosis. By being able to have a regular beautician, it will be possible to regularly check your skin, hair, and mind (Faview chart function).

    There are many beauty salon refugees who spend time and money in order to meet a hairdresser with whom they can have a long-lasting relationship. We believe that the deciding factor for repeat visits to beauty salons is determined more by "human compatibility" than by technique, and we are recommending beauticians based on compatibility.

    I also believe that visiting the same hairdresser on a regular basis can prevent illness, based on my own experience of going to a dermatologist when the condition of my scalp worsened. I believe that by providing hair stylists with values other than just hair design, we can connect them to preventive medicine.
    We will continue to create an environment where people can meet hair stylists who are a good match for them.

  • Kumiko Taoka
    for Tomorrow Inc.
    Kumiko Taoka


    Expanding a sustainable brand born from Japanese culture to the world

    Tomorrow Fabric is an urban brand born out of the Japanese kimono culture that adds a unique touch to modern lifestyles. The brand offers one-of-a-kind art series, Nishijin-ori bags, pouches, masks, and miscellaneous goods. All the products are made by hand by highly skilled craftsmen. Our products are sold in Azabu main store, department stores, retail stores, hotels, e-commerce, China, Malaysia, etc. Our goal is to spread a new style of fashion to the world, where "really good things" are cherished and used for a long time.

    In addition to Tomorrow Fabric, we will also create a variety of sustainable brands by utilizing the traditional culture and rich natural blessings of various regions of Japan and the skillful techniques of Japanese craftsmen. for Tomorrow Inc. aims to become the No.1 sustainable brand in Japan.

  • Aki Tokuda
    aboveu, Inc.
    Aki Tokuda


    Bringing Japanese creativity to the world! A "clothing" place that enables self-expression for everyone involved.

    aboveu is a word coined from to be a little bit above (above) you (u=you). A group that changes lives through clothing.

    Our mission is "to create a world where people can enjoy (live) their own lives through the creativity of fashion", and we propose a "unique" lifestyle where you can meet new people you haven't seen yet. Through clothing, we deliver the three joys of "creating," "communicating," and "choosing," and provide opportunities to become a little better than you are now.

    With a focus on personal stylist proposals and marketing support for Japanese brands, we promote Japanese Monozukuri, women's activities, and diversity, and provide entertainment for clothing through creativity. We are also promoting the "zamp project" to support products made from leftover cloth, which has become a waste issue at apparel factories.

Childbirth and childcare

  • Fukumi Kazlou
    Fukumi Kazlou


    Bringing children's imaginary worlds to life with picture books that allow them to become the hero of the story

    We operate the personalized picture book brand BÜKI.

    When you enter a child's name and birthday on the BÜKI website, a picture book featuring the child is created on the spot, and you can try out all the pages. While checking out the contents, you can add customizations such as writing a message, adding a photo, or editing the story.

    By combining the magic of modern technology with picture books, we are able to seamlessly create and deliver a custom-made, one-of-a-kind picture book in which the child is the main character. The child becomes another person in the picture book.

    The child can meet the other self in the book and enjoy a great adventure.
    We want to make the rich and free world of children's imagination a reality, and we want all children to believe that they are special and the hero of this world, without doubting their own potential.

  • Keiko Sainowaki
    grow&partners Inc.
    Keiko Sainowaki


    When you need someone to watch your child, you can use your smartphone to match temporary childcare services that are safe and secure.

    Asuiku is a service that allows you to search for and book temporary childcare at daycare centers with your smartphone when you need someone to watch your child for work or to refresh yourself.

    In Japan, one in four mothers who die within a year of childbirth may have postpartum depression, suicide is the leading cause of death, and the number of child abuse cases has doubled in five years, unfortunately making it difficult to raise children. According to a survey of parents, more than 90% of them feel stressed about raising their children, and the reason for this is that they have no time for themselves. We thought that by leaving our children in the hands of professionals from time to time and making time for ourselves, we could increase the number of people who are positive about child-rearing, and so we launched "Asuiku".

    In contrast to the current situation where the application date and time are limited and the reservation process is time-consuming, we have made it possible to search for temporary childcare facilities all at once with a smartphone, make reservations, and even pay in advance, while giving maximum consideration to safety and security.
    By giving parents more time alone, we hope to enrich the time between parents and children.

  • Teruyo Ban
    Teruyo Ban


    Toward a society where no mother is alone, and where women can conceive, give birth, and raise their children with peace of mind and a smile!

    Based on her own postpartum experience, we are the first in Japan to establish the position of birth concierge to support women involved in pregnancy and childbirth. We have thoroughly identified the areas that medical professionals cannot reach and systematized them in each hospital to create a system within the hospital that does not create isolated mothers.

    As a group of professional medical receptionists, we communicate carefully with patients to create a relationship in which we can recognize each other and open our hearts. We detect the seeds of anxiety in mothers at an early stage and connect them to specialists when necessary.
    We have been in the field of obstetrics, gynecology, and infertility, and have dealt with more than 18,000 patients, proving the necessity of a birth concierge. Currently, we provide outsourced birth concierge services, medical treatment training, and autonomous organization consulting.
    We will continue to strive with sincerity, honesty, and love to make Japanese society a place where mothers are never alone and can continue to raise their children with peace of mind and smiles on their faces.

Human Resources Service

  • Saeko Ishikawa
    Saeko Ishikawa


    Create a platform for women to grow through their work and support the business of managers.

    Our mission is to create an environment where people can be enthusiastic about working. As a reliable external team that "creates creative time and work" for micro-entrepreneurs and growing companies, we have been supporting our clients' businesses from the back office side.

    The way we work has changed dramatically in recent years, with the promotion of telework and other measures that have created an environment where we can work regardless of location or time. On the other hand, there is still a lack of a system in place that allows women to continue to work and gain opportunities for growth, just as Coronavirus made it difficult for non-permanent women to work.

    Therefore, we will create a platform for women who want to continue working, regardless of life events such as childbirth and childcare, to learn and grow through their work, and at the same time, we will contribute to supporting managers in taking on new challenges and promoting their businesses.

  • Kaori Ishimaru
    TechGiraffe Inc.
    Kaori Ishimaru


    Providing benefits for small and medium-sized companies so that they can continue to work with peace of mind

    In the fall of 2021, we will begin offering benefits to small and medium-sized companies.

    Employees taking leave or resigning due to physical or mental illness is not only a health issue for the individual, but also affects the productivity and cost of the company. In particular, small and medium-sized companies with less than 50 employees are not obliged to introduce industrial physicians, and there is little environment in which they can casually consult specialists for minor problems.

    They hesitate to consult outside specialists because they are afraid or embarrassed of psychosomatic medicine or counseling, or because they do not think it is necessary to go to a hospital.

    This is why we have created a welfare program that allows people to consult with specialists whenever they want to, while improving their ability to prevent and solve their own problems.

    We will provide a system that allows employees to continue working with peace of mind by focusing on three functions: early detection of health problems with simple questions, content from experts, and chat consultation with occupational health nurses.

  • Natsuki Itoi
    Finder, Inc.
    Natsuki Itoi


    Aiming for a symbiotic society with foreign workers through Japanese language education for the rapidly increasing number of Vietnamese residents

    We provide JaPanese Online, an online Japanese language instruction service for Vietnamese learners. JaPanese Online is an online Japanese language instruction service for Vietnamese learners, offering lessons by Japanese language instructors who have extensive experience in teaching Japanese to Vietnamese people.

    The number of Vietnamese living in Japan has increased more than tenfold in the past ten years to 440,000 (as of the end of 2020). Many of them are workers, and Vietnam has become an indispensable partner country for Japan, which is currently facing the challenge of a declining working population. However, after arriving in Japan, there are few opportunities to learn Japanese systematically, and many people have trouble performing well at work or adjusting to life in Japan because of the language.

    In response to this, we offer Japanese language lessons that meet the needs of Vietnamese learners by utilizing the experience of our Japanese language teachers in Vietnam. Through the spread of this service, we aim to realize a society where Vietnamese and other foreigners can live together in harmony.

  • Akane Ochi
    SEDO Co., Ltd.
    Akane Ochi


    Multi-lingual production by native creators to provide attractive information about Japan to overseas.

    Seto Co., Ltd. is a company that produces advertisements and contents in multiple languages. More than 50 carefully selected native and bilingual creators have registered their profiles in our HR system "GROW Business (growbusiness.jp)" and are active as writers, editors, photographers, translators, designers and advisors.

    Our main clients are companies and government agencies that want to attract foreign customers and promote their businesses overseas, and we provide foreign-language advertising management, high-quality multilingual content creation, design creation, and translation services.

    Our slogan is "Protecting Japanese culture by disseminating information about Japan in correct foreign languages". Our goal is to deliver our multilingual services to customers all over Japan and to raise the level of information transmission in Japan.

  • Ayano Fukumura
    Reflect art Inc.
    Ayano Fukumura


    Turning trash into treasure. Manufacturing and sales of art products for daily use, created by professional artists.

    Professional artists upcycle waste materials into products that can be used in everyday life.
    We add value to our products as works of art, stories, and one-of-a-kind items, and contribute to the SDGs while expanding manufacturing that is consistent with diversity.

    Today, waste is a major social issue. On the other hand, the art industry is also facing a serious problem of lack of work for artists.
    In Japan, there are about 700,000 artists who cannot make a living from their art. But on the other hand, there are 700,000 potential artists who want to work in the arts. We aim to solve both problems by utilizing the "different viewpoints and creativity" of artists to reuse waste materials.

    Our company has so far manufactured products in collaboration with more than 70 famous art exhibitions in Japan and abroad, moremore than 300 wholesales, and sold about 20,000 art products a year. Together with professional artists, mainly graduates of the Tokyo University of the Arts, we will create a new economy where artists can solve social issues while creating their own employment.

  • Reiko Miho
    Reiko Miho


    Create a society where women who want to use their skills and careers in parallel careers (multiple jobs) can be active.

    I run a women's career support organization called "Parallel Career Promotion Committee®️" to which more than 2,000 women from Japan and abroad belong.

    The Parallel Career Promotion Committee®️ has developed an online salon called "Yell Project" to support women's activities as a comprehensive platform that combines learning (school), connection (community) and challenge (production), with a focus on promoting women's activities and multiple careers.

    Even if we talk about the promotion of women's activities, a male-dominated society still persists, and Japan is still at the bottom of the gender gap index in the world, with few female leaders and few equal opportunities.

    In response to this situation, we are creating a society where women can play an active role in a wide range of fields by inviting women who want to utilize their skills and careers in parallel careers (multiple jobs) to participate in projects in companies, government, educational institutions, and the media as individuals or as teams. We are working to create a society where women can play an active role in a wide range of fields.

Education & School

  • Yoshimi Ueda
    Renia, Inc
    Yoshimi Ueda


    We operate an inquiry-based school that draws out the talents of children. Aiming to develop human resources who can play an active role in the world

    We operate an inquiry-based international school based on the Reggio Approach, an educational method that has attracted worldwide attention.
    We have developed a unique program with experts from the U.S. and Italy, and as a LABO practicing cutting-edge education, we are developing a curriculum that cultivates non-cognitive skills, social skills, and other life skills necessary for the future. To date, about 1,000 children have taken the program, and the seasonal camps have been held in Kumamoto, Tottori, Niigata, Hyogo, and other places in Japan.

    Our goal is to create a society where children can acquire skills that cannot be cultivated in Japan's exam-oriented education system, where as many children as possible can realize their "likes" and "talents", and where they can contribute to society in ways that only they can in the future.

    In order to nurture the "likes" and "talents" of children, it is important for the adults around them to get involved. In the future, we will expand our business to include human resource development for adults, including the development of teacher training programs and educational programs for parents.

  • Rieko Komamura
    alles Inc.
    Rieko Komamura


    Dissemination of life skills education programs that focus on adult concerns and improve QOL

    With an advertising production company as its parent company, we are engaged in life skills education and provide Life Skills Up Yourself (LSY), a technique for living life better.

    WHO (World Health Organization) defines "life skills" as psychosocial abilities. Despite the fact that this skill has been advocated to be introduced in educational institutions around the world, the generation in their 40s in Japan is not even aware of its existence. We believe that life skills are necessary for us as adults in today's world, where problems in human relationships such as career, child rearing, marital relationships, and caring for parents are becoming more and more complicated.

    At LSY, we have confirmed the improvement of life skills through clinical data based on the approach of TA psychology and mindfulness. Now that we are entering an age where there is no right answer, LSY can play a major role in solving mental health problems.

    In the future, we will offer the program to large corporations and local governments, aiming to spread life skills and improve QOL in Japan.

  • Mai Saito
    MEME Co.,Ltd
    Mai Saito


    Achieve early financial education that enables the next generation of adults to manage money better than previous generations of adults

    We are developing an application and content called "manimo" to promote financial education for children. The launch of the service is planned for 2022.

    In today's society, there are many problems such as declining birthrate, aging population, pension problems, low income, and multiple debts. Will these problems have been solved by the time today's children become adults?

    In order to give children more options for their future, "manimo" fosters "zest for life" through early financial education.
    Our product is currently developing a communication platform that enables parents and children to realize early financial education. What is money? How do we collect money? How should we save money? And how should we use it? We are building an environment where money education can be learned from the early elementary school age and below.

  • Kaori Chiba
    kaeka Inc.
    Kaori Chiba


    Establishing education that teaches the power of speech and realizing a society where all speakers have a chance

    We run a speech school called "GOOD SPEAK" to polish your speaking skills and gain the ability to communicate reliably. It is a school where students systematically learn how to construct content (verbalization and sentence structure) and how to speak (expression and non-verbal training), which are necessary for improving their speaking ability. Our company is currently providing "GOOD SPEAK" and other speech training programs to private clients, corporations, political campaigns, and educational institutions.

    Until now, few opportunities to learn speaking skills have been provided in Japan. In an age where there are no right answers, learning the power of speech can help provide guidance and get people involved.
    I myself have had the opportunity to learn the art of speaking through chance encounters, and I have benefited from it in many aspects of my life. I would like to increase the number of people who encounter the same opportunities to learn as I did, and make the future better for people and society.

  • Hiromi Yoshishiba
    TheBoundary Inc.
    Hiromi Yoshishiba


    We will use the power of design to give future children the ability to "see things" and "design themselves".

    Aimed mainly at elementary school students, this online program will offer continuing classes in a variety of creative fields, such as "Basic Design," "Editing," "Photography and Video," and "Business Design," with instructors from the front lines of the creative industry. By offering a variety of subjects at a single entrance and online, we will be able to solve the problem of time and regional disparities in educational resources.

    What are the weapons that children can have in the uncertain future? We believe that the ability that cannot be replaced by AI is the multiplication of different things: problems x (what you are good at + creativity) = design ability.

    This is a "design school for children" that we, who grew up in the field of design and creativity, really wanted our children to try. "Real things for kids". We want them to have the power to see things and to design themselves, which are invisible but can be used for a long time.


  • Chiaki Uematsu
    Chiaki Uematsu architect and associates
    Chiaki Uematsu


    We want to contribute to the promotion of diversity and a society where individuality shines through architectural design, and to energize women and Japan

    We are a first-class architectural firm that provides full-order architectural design services mainly for female business owners.
    We design nursery schools, facilities for children with disabilities, and other child welfare facilities for corporations that are in line with the management philosophy of women business owners, as well as houses and apartment complexes to realize new family forms and new ways of working.

    One of the characteristics of our business is the "consulting" that we provide before designing. In a world of diversifying values, clients need to decide their own definition of happiness. By having our clients share their ideals, verbalizing them, and setting up a phase to build a team of construction professionals to realize the ideals, we are able to make design proposals that are close to the client's values.

    We will expand our business and establish a system of offices that can receive orders for public facilities and allow for the individuality of many people. And we aim to become an architectural design firm that can design architecture that can be left to future generations for more than half a century.