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  • Takako Kambe CEO
    Takako Kambe CEO
    Office LocationYonago City, Tottori Prefecture
    EstablishmentAugust 2014


    Aiming to enable inactive nurses who leave their profession to take advantage of small pockets of time available to them, and their experience, to resolve issues of a super ageing society.

    Specialists with expertise in nursing and elderly care provide services that meet the needs of families undertaking nursing care, in areas that have required family assistance before, such as attending hospital visits and other outings, helping patients go to the toilet, and nursing. These specialists offer their services in small pockets of time available to them, and support nursing families in a variety of ways, such as attending various outings, home visits, and communicating via the telephone.

    The staff who provide these services are nurses and caregivers who have left their profession due to changes in their life stage, such as child-rearing, and this service also aims to support inactive yet qualified personnel to return to the workforce.

    It is said that 100,000 caregivers leave their profession annually, amounting to an economic loss of 650 billion yen, and we hope to improve this situation.

  • Xuen Wang Founder & CEO
    Xuen Wang Founder & CEO
    Office LocationShinjuku-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentJuly 2019


    Offering a themed Japanese travel reservation service for tourits from Chinese speaking regions with learning opportunities and international interaction

    Lately, the needs of foreign visitors to Japan have gradually changed, and there has been an increase in preferences for a "deep experience unique to Japan" and "travel experience that is different from others."". However, there are still few products available that can meet these needs.

    Our theme-based travel reservation portal site for Chinese speaking regions is centered on products that offer theme-based travel such as skiing and hot springs, which are particularly popular in China. In the future, we will be adding new content, such as short-term studying abroad programs at anime schools.

    We hope to change the way to travel in Japan from "sightseeing" to "learning" and promote international interactions.

  • Anna Akizuki Founder & CEO
    Khariis Co., Ltd.
    Anna Akizuki Founder & CEO
    Office LocationMinato-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentJanuary 2019


    Platform app linking overseas sake consumers and professionals with Japanese sake breweries

    We develop "Sakeist", a platform app that connects overseas Japanese sake enthusiast with sake breweries. We propose new ways of enjoying sake and offer new values by providing an app function for reading Japanese labels, a function for proposing music and foods that go well with the sake (fee required), and a tourism service that enables users to visit their favorite sake breweries alongside interpreters.

    At the same time, we provide Japanese sake breweries with opportunities to connect with Japanese sake enthusiasts around the world, going beyond borders and language barriers.

    Managers who have experience living overseas in France and London, and are well-versed in sake and wine, with a wealth of contacts in both industries, took part in developing this app, and the app brings together around 30 sake breweries nationwide. We conduct PR activities in collaboration with a French business school from which our founder graduated, and which has an alumni association around the globe, enabling us to have an overwhelming advantage in expanding our services worldwide.

  • Haruka Murakami CEO
    Haruka Murakami CEO
    Office LocationMinato-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentJuly 2018


    Treating the mental diseases and other problems with a digital application that records emotions

    We research and develop a digital therapeutic application that treats diseases, and aim to have it approved as a medical device and applicable to insurance as a digital therapeutic application.

    Based on data evidence of expressive writing therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, we released an app called "KibunLog" which helps people control their emotions by labeling their moods and recording as a diary. More than 50,000 people use this app, and examples of feedback we have received from our users include "my feelings of irritation have dissolved" and "the app enabled me to see myself objectively". Going forward, we plan to proceed with research on the effectiveness of this treatment.

  • Sachiko Wada CEO
    TASKAJI Inc.
    Sachiko Wada CEO
    Office LocationMinato-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentNovember 2013


    Supporting work-life balance by providing housekeeping services starting at 1,500 yen per hour

    Our housekeeping matching service, "Taskaji", links housekeepers with a wide range of skills, including cleaning, cooking, laundry, and shopping, with those who want to outsource their housework. Housekeepers learn through feedback from reviews each time they work, which ensures users receive high-quality services.

    When a child is born, the burden of housework and child-rearing on families is high, and they tend to be centered on women. This makes it difficult for women to balance both work and family. According to a survey conducted by the Cabinet Office in Japan, nearly 80% of women who have young children feel that they are unable to play an active role in their work. To support the advancement of women in society, reducing this burden becomes an important issue. Under such circumstances, we promote the outsourcing of housework and contribute to the optimization of work-life balance by setting a price range that is easy for ordinary households to use, from ¥1,500 yen per hour.

  • Sayuri Tanaka CEO
    HERBIO Inc.
    Sayuri Tanaka CEO
    Office LocationTaito-Ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentSeptember 2017


    Supporting women's health management through a wearable devices that continually measures their body temperature even during sleep

    Our wearable devices for measuring basal body temperature are highly accurate, and can measure body temperature continuously even during sleep, without causing any discomfort for the wearer. This allows for a steady visualization of basal body temperature and hormone balance, helping the management of the wearer's physical condition. This device can be used in a wide range of fields, including child care and nursing care.

    In recent years, the number of women working full time is increasing, as well a tendency for marrying and giving birth at an older age. In such times, there is an increasing need for wellness management in a manner specially tailored for women that can help them balance both work and health. In order to do so, women need to be able to manage their biorhythm accurately and easily, and not only be able to discover gynecological diseases at an early stage, but also establish a comfortable lifestyle that facilitates a working career. In addition, given that the first step in trying to conceive a child begins with basal body temperature measurements, we also provide support for people suffering from infertility.

  • Rina Akimoto CEO
    vivid garden Inc.
    Rina Akimoto CEO
    Office LocationShibuya-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentNovember 2016


    Contributing to the development of agriculture through the direct delivery of quality produce from producers to consumers with freshness

    We operate the "Tabechoku" platform that allows producers to sell products directly to individual consumers and restaurants. By adopting a style in which producers send their produce directly to consumers without going through warehouses, our service differentiates from existing e-commerce of the food industry in three ways:
    1. It can deliver produce within 24 hours of harvest
    2. It allows direct communication with producers
    3. It has no inventory risk and can return a lot of profit to producers

    The aging of the farming population is accelerating, with the average age of farmers at 67 years old, and the difficulty in finding successors is becoming a serious problem. The reason for this difficulty lies in the distribution structure that makes it difficult to achieve profit. This is proven by the fact that the average annual income per household is only in the 2 million yen range. In order to overcome this serious situation, we have launched "Takechoku."

    We believe that this business model will contribute to the development of agriculture, as it will lead to higher profitability and, by establishing a direct connection between consumers and producers, producers will be able to have a market-in mind.

  • Kanae Kaneko CEO
    Kanae Kaneko CEO
    Office LocationBunkyo-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentMarch 2018


    Orthodontic support service using 3D printers that offer transparent mouthpieces at a reasonable price and through minimum hospital visits

    We provide an orthodontic support service that offers transparent mouthpieces developed with the cooperation of doctors. By using 3D printers, computer-aided design, and other technologies to ensure precision and streamline operations, we can provide orthodontic support at a reasonable price with less than half the number of hospital visits compared to ordinary orthodontic services.

    Dental improvements are said to not only for dental esthetics, but also reduce the risk of dental caries and periodontal diseases, and lead to a healthy body through good teeth alignment. However, despite the fact that more than half the Japanese population are in need of dental correction, only about 10% have received treatment. Ordinary orthodontics have a long treatment period of two to three years and are costly, so most people give up on dental correction. We believe that Japan needs to pay more attention to the importance of teeth as a world-leading super-aged society, and this belief led us to start this service. Our first goal is to contribute to the revitalization of the Japanese healthcare industry through our orthodontic support service.

  • Ayumi Sasaki President
    YouLA Holdings Co.,Ltd.
    Ayumi Sasaki President
    Office LocationChiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentJuly 2016


    Developing products that make use of craftsmanship skills in traditional craftwork

    We engage in developing and selling products that make use of craftsmanship in traditional crafts, mainly Tanbayaki, Minoyaki, and Echizenyaki. We introduced a "one-stop craftsperson" business model, and we visit production areas to directly search for artists and craftspersons, and strive for close communication. By having artists and craftspersons produce designs based on consumer needs, we provide support that will lead to increased sales.

    There are never many cases in which consumers visit production areas themselves and purchase traditional craft products directly. It is becoming more difficult to convey the unique characteristics of production areas and traditional techniques, and price competition with overseas products is harsh. Production of traditional craftwork and the number of workers are on a declining trend. Using our business model, we hope to highlight the excellence of Japanese craftsmanship and contribute to the revival of Japanese culture.

  • Misa Nishimoto CEO
    Misa Nishimoto CEO
    Office LocationShibuya-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentFebruary 2019


    Supporting the comfortable lifestyle of women through media that provides information and products for improving physical and mental issues troubling women

    We operate a media commerce website specializing in menstruation and physical troubles targeting women in their late 20s to 50s, when lifestyles rapidly change. Our media helps visualize the difficulties associated with menstruation, attempts to conceive a child, and menopausal disorder, which are topics that are yet difficult to be voiced aloud in Japan, and offer accurate information and a variety of products to encourage improvements.

    Women suffer from physical and mental changes with aging, including menstruation, menopausal disorder and incontinence for about 40 years. These changes affect their jobs and lives. We support these women in leading a comfortable life by offering media that enables them to understand their concerns correctly and learn about solutions suit their lifestyles.

  • Marina Takahashi CEO
    rosy tokyo inc.
    Marina Takahashi CEO
    Office LocationMinato-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentAugust 2018


    Total lifestyle care concerning pregnancy based on women's health data

    With Natural Care × Technology as our core concept, we develop services that deliver personalized care to each individual, and have created an AI app "herbox" service that compounds medical herbs for each individual's symptoms.

    Next spring, we plan to release "herbaby", a mental and physical care service for women in various stages of pregnancy: during the period of trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and after giving birth. This program supports the important period for couples by having doctors, nutritionists, midwives, and other specialists deliver herbs and goods based on beauty, food, and lifestyles.

    Women's participation in society has resulted in pregnancy at an older age. During a period when one in two people suffer from not only physical changes, but also mental effect like post-birth depression and maternity blues, we deliver a care service for individual lifestyles, health data, and life stages.

Fashion and Design

  • Megumi Hagiuda Founder & CEO
    Asante Co., Ltd.
    Megumi Hagiuda Founder & CEO
    Office LocationMinato-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentOctober 2013


    Supporting producers and enriching buyers' lives through the world's highest quality roses from Kenya

    We sell the world's highest quality roses grown in Kenya, through stores in Tokyo and an online store. Roses from Kenya are as large as a woman's fist, with large flowers, thick stalks, and vibrant colors. The roses last from one to two weeks, which is very different from the life span of other roses that are generally distributed in Japan. Our products are purchased as gifts by customers who support the concept of "fair trade," the slogan for an international campaign supporting a better life and the independence of producers and workers suffering from poverty in developing countries. In addition, we have an increased number of customers who visit our stores not to purchase roses, but for flower arrangement classes, workshops, and seminars.
    We aim to achieve sales of one billion yen in 2027 and list on the stock market.

  • Mio Tsuiki Managing Director
    Kokura Texitile Inc.
    Mio Tsuiki Managing Director
    Office LocationOgura Kita-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture
    EstablishmentJuly 2018


    Creating the future and enhancing the uniqueness of Kokura weaving, a traditional craft in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture

    "Kokura-ori", a traditional weaving craft in Kita-Kyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, is a beautiful cotton fabric that is resilient and supple, with stereoscopic stripe patterns. Ieyasu Tokugawa favored this fabric during the Edo period, and after the Meiji Era the fabric was used to make Hakama and Obi as the uniforms of male students.

    With Kokura-ori at our center, we integrated planning, design, and manufacturing to establish a system that can quickly respond to diverse variations and create a new textile business. By introducing rare machinery, we are able to create highly flexible designs and accordingly develop markets. We aim to expand into overseas markets such as Europe, America, and Asia, to gain a global reputation so that the first thought of stripes would be is "KOKURA STRIPES". We have also begun to enter the interior decor industry by leveraging the resilience of our fabric, which has been a difficult industry for Japanese textiles before.

  • Mizuho Suzuki CEO
    Mizuho Suzuki CEO
    Office LocationMinato-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentOctober 2017


    Subscription services of salons specializing in shampooing, blow-drying, and hair care

    For working women in their 30s to 50s, we provide a subscription service app for salons specializing in shampooing, blow-drying, and hair care. We carefully selected our beauty salons based on 14 unique criteria, and have formed alliances with more than 300 salons, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Under the concept of "Daily visits to the salon for beauty and confidence" we aim to make salons a place that can be visited on a daily basis.

    This service offers the following benefits:
    1. Users can feel assured and be satisfied at any salon they choose on the app, as the available salons are all carefully selected.
    2. Users can select salons depending on their plans for the day, and go during their free time.
    On the other hand, salons will be able to acquire new customers and maximize sales through the effective use of their vacant time slots.

    We aim to expand this business throughout Japan by the end of the year and also look towards expanding overseas, particularly in Asia.

  • Kumi Inoue CEO
    Kumi Inoue CEO
    Office LocationAdachi-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentJune 2015


    Providing a full range of solutions to alleviate a pain associated with wearing high heels

    Our women's shoe fitting salons provide the measuring, selecting, and fine-tuning to purchase the shoes that fit you the best. Through our service, we support our customers in selecting the most suitable shoes that will not cause them pain.
    We analyze each feet to give measurement figures in detail, and we are currently looking toward AI development for the future.

    The shoe culture in Japan lags behind that in Europe and America, and issues have arisen that highlight how shoe manufacturers do not sufficiently understand the theory of shoe fitting, and how consumers do not have correct knowledge.
    Through the provision of our service, we hope to incite shoe manufacturers by raising the level of consumer's knowledge, and thereby creating a new shoe culture originating from Japan.

  • Eri Yamaguchi CEO
    Eri Yamaguchi CEO
    Office LocationShibuya-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentSeptember 2011


    Building a platform that can easily create accessory brands via smartphones

    Our company operates a creative manufacturing platform called "monomy" that allows everyone to make accessories with a smart phone. Users do not require stocks including parts for accessories and the accessory itself, or distribution networks. Products of the same quality as those created in factories, can be made from units of one. In addition, we began sales collaborations with online shops from July, and users are now able to create accessory brands on monomy and sell them in other malls with two taps of your fingers.

    When I was 21 years old, I worked travelling overseas to see around world's fasion. What I learned during my travels, was how high the quality of manufacturing is in Japan. Many global luxury brands are made in Japan. In order to raise the intrinsic value of Japanese manufacturing, our company builds a new system for sales and purchasing experience through monomy.

  • Mizuki Takahashi CEO
    Brista Inc.
    Mizuki Takahashi CEO
    Office LocationKusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture
    EstablishmentJuly 2018


    Subscription services of dress rental for female managers

    We operate "brista", subscription services of service specializing in dresses for working women, especially those in management or executive positions who often have to present themselves in front of a lot of people. We have a lineup of sophisticated and charming dresses that are suitable for presentations, lectures, banquets, and other events. Users can receive 11,000 points for a monthly fee of 10,000 yen, and these points can be used to rent about 3 dresses. We have introduced a point system in which any remaining points may be carried over for one year. The popularity of SNS has resulted in encouraging people to take more photos, and our service can meet the needs of those who do not wish to wear the same clothes many times. We have received favorable reviews from our users, who state that our services allow them to try on new clothing that they normally wouldn't wear, while drastically keeping down the costs needed for purchasing clothing. In the future, we plan to provide new services in demand by working women.

    The government aims to increase the percentage of female executives in listed companies to 10%, and 30% in companies in general, by 2020. We strive to create a comfortable working environment for women through a selection of clothes.

  • Eriko Kobayashi CEO
    Ripplenity Co.,Ltd
    (*Incorporated in December 2019 Old name Luxenity)
    Eriko Kobayashi CEO
    Office LocationMinato-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentDecember 2019


    Development of AI Smart Mirror, which offers ideas on what to wear that brings on smiles and self-confidence every day

    Choosing what to wear for the day takes time and can cause great stress for women before they go to work. By standing in front of our Smart Mirror and talking to it, an AI butler recognizes the user talking, and strikes up a conversation based on voice analysis. The mirror will coordinate registered pieces of clothing according to the day's schedule, people the user plans to meet, and the weather. In addition, AI image recognition enables the replication of coordination ideas on the mirror, based on color science, style, preference, etc. The mirror is linked to a calendar function, so users can check their past clothing choices for specific events.

    We also contribute to a sustainable society by optimizing the use of clothing in their closet, and reducing wasteful shopping. We believe that a stress-free morning makes a day more productively for working women, and that women with a smile on their face and brimming with confidence will change Japan and the world of tomorrow. This belief is what leads us to promote our business.

Deep Technology

  • Ikuko Kishigami CEO
    Apollo Japan Co.,Ltd
    Ikuko Kishigami CEO
    Office LocationKoga City, Fukuoka Prefecture
    EstablishmentMarch 2005


    Supporting measures to alleviate issues arising from depopulation through the development of automated buses that can recognize the white lines on roads

    We aim to realize the practical use of electric buses that not only drives autonomously, but use image recognition AI enabled by our proprietary patented technology to drive autonomously while recognizing the white lines on roads. Full-scale development of electric buses will be carried out in the future, and we plan to work with vehicle manufacturers to produce buses and start demonstration tests in collaboration with companies and local governments. Eventually, we plan to sell automated driving software as an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) to electric bus companies worldwide.

    As a result of depopulation, JR Kyushu and JR Hokkaido have many unprofitable transportation lines, and concerned for leading serious problem of discontinued railways lines because of high recovery costs at the event of natural disasters. We believe that if electric buses that recognize white lines can be put to practical use, it will meet users' needs while drastically reducing costs and encourage the returning of licenses by senior drivers.

  • Chika Kuroda CEO
    Chika Kuroda CEO
    Office LocationMinato-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentJanuary 2014


    Incorporating universal design into ICT, efficiently sharing information between schools and families, and realizing workstyle reforms for teachers

    We operate "COCOO", an ICT-system service that facilitates the sharing of information between schools and families, based on the theme of "keeping no one left behind."

    The 24-hour service for automatically receiving calls to notify absence can be used in Japanese, English, Chinese, or Spanish. Households that do not have easy access to the internet via smartphones, can also use the service by pushing buttons on a telephone. Visually impaired persons can also use the service easily. This service prevents the telephones in the staff room to be used up by calls to notify absence, thus freeing the staff to call the homes that actually require the attention and not rush when speaking. Staff can also use the freed up time to prepare for classes or hold meetings, and this service leads to work style reforms for teachers as it allows them more time to concentrate on their main jobs.

    We are committed to expanding the use of "COCOO", with the aim of contributing to the creation of a better learning environment and creating new social value.

  • Tomoko Matsuda Founder & CEO
    wellvill Co.Ltd.
    Tomoko Matsuda Founder & CEO
    Office LocationChiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentNovember 2018


    Building an affluent society by providing unprecedented IT services through a combination of next-generation devices, AI, and robotic process automation (RPA)

    We support the automation and streamlining of non-IT operations by combining next-generation sensor tags and AI technology, centered on robotic process automation (RPA) technology we have accumulated over the years. We first launched the project for labor-intensive companies such as those in the food and beverage or logistics industry, and from spring of 2020, we will begin the launch of the service in stages.

    In addition, using our proprietary AI (natural language analysis) technology, we launched a writing review service that offers suggestions on the best Japanese to use, by giving pointers from wrong grammar to warnings on writing that is too difficult to read, as well as mistakes in sentence structure. This service will begin from the end of the year. In addition, our AI technology has been commended and we will be joining the strategic innovation program under the leadership of the Chemical Materials Evaluation and Research Base and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, as consultants. In the future, we will jointly consider the utilization of AI from an industrial perspective.

    Our ultimate goal is to realize the wealth that each and every person in the world envisions. To this end, we will continue to co-create new services that utilize a variety of advanced technologies.

  • Mayuko Yamaura CSO
    Mayuko Yamaura CSO
    Office LocationMinato-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentPreparing for establishment


    Providing a system for stores without cashiers, using cameras and sensors

    By installing cameras and sensors at stores such as drugstores and supermarkets, we offer access to marketing insight through image analysis of shoppers' movements and recording what products shoppers take in hand. In addition, we offer a system that allows customers to pay for purchases simply by walking out of the shop, without having to go through cashiers. This improves customer satisfaction by eliminating long lines at the cash register, and also prevent theft. Customers need to register in advance on a payment web app, but in the future, we hope to be able to introduce Suica or other payment methods.

    With a decline in the labor force, labor shortages are becoming increasingly serious in the logistics industry. For this reason, it is necessary to quickly develop an environment in which "tasks" such as cash register operations can be rapidly automated so that people can concentrate on "work" that creates value. Our system promotes these new work style reforms.

  • Miori Sagara President & CEO
    Miori Sagara President & CEO
    Office LocationChiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentJuly 2010


    Quickly building high quality learning data indispensable for machine learning

    Machine learning applied to AI and machine translations require learning data. Learning data, which is a set of questions and answers that can be learned by a computer, is built through a task called "annotation." However, because this is usually undertaken manually, it is time-consuming, tedious, and expensive, and it is also difficult to maintain a certain level of quality. Since our founding, we have specialized in the development of such learning data, and we have many experienced and knowledgeable managers and leaders involved in building data, who manage the progress and quality of created data so that we are able to provide data quickly and at a reasonable price, while ensuring its quality.

    The market of these AI's core technology is expected to expand in the future, and we aim to become the world's top learning data service company.

  • Ayano Ryugo CEO
    Musca Inc.
    Ayano Ryugo CEO
    Office LocationMinato-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentDecember 2016


    Establishment of a 100% bio-recycle system that generates feed and fertilizers from organic wastes using houseflies

    For livestock farmers, disposal of the feces of their farm animals, such as cattle, pigs, and chickens, is a problem. Focusing on this problem, we have established a method for converting feces into feed and fertilizers in about a week, and have built a 100% bio-recycle system that is not a burden on the environment.

    The world's population is currently 7.7 billion, but is expected to grow to 9.9 billion by 2050. This population growth is likely to worsen the food crisis in the future. In order to avoid this problem, livestock and aquaculture production must be increased, but animal protein such as fish meal, which serves as feed, is in danger of running out. To overcome this crisis, it is necessary to make feed produce stably, and insect feed is attracting attention worldwide. We will actively expand into overseas markets to promote the use of this system.

  • Kyoko Otawa CEO
    Latona, Inc.
    Kyoko Otawa CEO
    Office LocationShibuya-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentApril 2018


    Aiming to solve problems in a wide range of industrial sectors, including factories, retail stores, and construction through in-house developed open source and IoT solutions.

    As core technologies, we use Nvidia/ARM for hardware, which is often used for automated driving, and Kubernetes for software, which manages micro-services developed by Google. We develop Latona's "AION™", which is an AI and IoT platform built around open-source architectures.

    By applying edge computing technology, we work with major companies to develop new services. These services include advanced factory automation through adaptable sensing technology without time lags and an analysis system on site; and a service that offers an unprecedented shopping experiences through collaboration with POS data from retailers.

    In addition, while there are few engineers in Japan who can use these open source tools, we have a world-class engineering team.

Communication and Network

  • Satoko Kono President
    ARUN, LLC.
    Satoko Kono President
    Office LocationBunkyo-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentDecember 2009


    Building a social investment platform that connects Japanese social entrepreneurs with overseas's.

    There is a growing interest in impacts of investments, which made in companies and funds that engage in social projects. There is also a growing expectation for investments to be made not only toward microfinance institutions, but also to social entrepreneurs. However, Japan is still lacking in terms of both quantity and quality of investments. Therefore, it is essential to make platform gathering actual investment examples and raise the investment level by fostering social investors throgh connection with overseas.

    Platform in which everyone can participate provides connections to emerging markets and enable investors to get a direct feel on the speed of business and a sense on local businesses. Local social entrepreneurs are also short of funding and networks. We will provide continuous cooperation, and work together towards creating a sustainable society through our platform.

  • Chieko Nishiyama COO
    Antaa Co., Ltd.
    Chieko Nishiyama COO
    Office LocationChuo-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentJune 2016


    Offering an online service where doctors can consult with a variety of specialists on treatment policies

    "Antaa QA" is an online service that allows doctors to consult with specialists on a real-time basis when they perform medical examinations that are outside their medical specialization. This service helps resolve concerns about conducting medical examinations outside of one's specialization. Doctors can quickly receive feedback and advice from specialists when they are required to make medical decisions alone, for example when undertaking night duty alone, or providing medical treatment in remote areas.

    In Japan, the shortage of doctors is becoming a prominent issue. Furthermore, medical expertise is becoming more sophisticated and segmented, and increasing number of elderlies result in increasing number of patients suffering from multiple diseases. Doctors are more frequently required to provide medical treatment outside one's specialized fields.

    Through the spread of this service, we aim to improve the quality of medical treatment given outside one's specialization, reduce the doctor's psychological burden, and eliminate the excessive labor arising from having to gather information.

  • Nari Woo CEO
    RadarLab Inc
    Nari Woo CEO
    Office LocationChuo-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentAugust 2018


    Constructing an IT platform "QCCCA" that raises the voice of minorities and aims to create a society where everyone can live happily and safely

    Starting with molesting, voyeurism, abuse, harassment, bullying, etc., it is difficult for the victim to ask for the help. We QCCCA aims to creating a platform where everyone can speak up about the anguish that they are having inside.
    Linking location information to problems such as molesting, voyeurism, and bullying on the online platform, and providing a mechanism that allows victims to speak easily without taking any risks, costs or societal issues. In addition, if the words "I can't take it anymore" is raised, it will be notified to nearby service users, and we will build a system that allows service users to help each other in real time by chat or offline.
    In the future, the data collected and collected from these social issues will be used to optimize patrols, install surveillance cameras, improve the streets of damaged areas, design toilets that are not voyeurized, and avoid molesting from physical improvements such as train design, we will contribute to the creation of a social structure in which everyone can live without causing any damage to the point where everyone changes their consciousness.

  • Yuka Imanishi CEO
    CURIO Japan Inc.
    Yuka Imanishi CEO
    Office LocationSetagaya-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentApril 2014


    Career support platform connecting companies to government-sponsored exchange students studying in Japan

    We plan to launch "chezmo career", a flat-rate recruitment consulting service for international students studying in Japan on scholarships from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. In 2017, we launched "chezmo family", a matching service for private tutors and babysitters targeting international students. Over the last two years, we have met with approximately 1,000 international students and encouraged them to register "chezmo family". Based on these efforts, we have a network of approximately 500 outstanding international students, and will be introducing them to Japanese companies as potential recruits.

    Our client companies can use this service for an annual flat-rate fee. There are no restrictions on access to registered information of international students, and clients can use the information according their company's schedule.

    Our staff understand the personality, background, and working ethics of each international student, and will respond meticulously to HR needs of each client through our service, while preventing talent mismatch.
    We hope to contribute to further development of companies by enabling the securing of outstanding talent from all over the world.

  • Mari Sakuramoto CEO
    cotree Inc.
    Mari Sakuramoto CEO
    Office LocationChuo-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentMay 2014


    Online matching service that connect customers and clinical psychologists and psychological experts based on patients' needs

    Mental health issues, including depression, are becoming increasingly recognized as social issues. However, there are few places where people can easily ask about psychological distress, and face-to-face counseling requires expensive fees. In addition, counselors have a variety of areas of expertise, so that in many cases patients do not know with whom they should consult, and are unable to go see a counselor.

    Given this situation, we provide an internet mental healthcare service that enable us to match users with clinical psychologists and psychologists based on users' personality, conditions, and objectives. User satisfaction of our service exceeds 90%, and only high-quality counselors who have passed our paper screening and interviews are alowed to registered our service . Users can seek professional opinion privately, and receive counseling home at lower price than that of face-to-face counselling. This system is easy to use even for busy people because it can be used late at night or early in the morning.

  • Hiromi Kajihara CEO
    Hiromi Kajihara CEO
    Office LocationKusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture
    EstablishmentFebruary 2007


    Launching of Japan's first mall specializing in rentals, to create new demands and markets

    We developed "RENMO", Japan's first rental mall where users can "rent" virtually all kinds of goods and services, excepts pets, money, virtual currencies, cards, and sexual services. This service is special as it provides rentals not only for new and used goods, but also provides all kinds of intangible services ("renting" of other people's time). In the future, we hope to promote how easy it is to join RENMO as an online shop, and actively dispatch teachers and on-site chefs.

    While the market for online malls, including Rakuten Ichiba, is very active, there is no market place in Japan that specializes in rental services such as RENMO. As a result, we aim to have 10,000 new stores by 2022 and lead the new market.

  • Yukie Ise Co-Founder& COO
    Intellectual Property Exchange K.K.
    Yukie Ise Co-Founder & COO
    Office LocationChiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentJanuary 2017


    Increasing corporate earnings through a platform that facilitates the use of patents, trademarks, and other intangible property (IP)

    We operate a platform that matches owners of patents, trademarks, and other intangible property (IP) with users who want to use that particular IP. The platform has functions that enable owners to easily advertise their IP and list their transaction terms and conditions so that business negotiations can be carried out at any time, as well as a function that enables communication between owners and potential IP users. We also provide trading support tools on the platform to create an environment in which matching is easier for both parties and support the formation of new businesses and innovation.

    The global trend is for companies to shift their revenue source from tangible to intangible property, but many Japanese companies are unable to make the necessary changes in their industrial structure. By using our platform, Japanese companies can establish new business models that base its revenue source on IP, and our platform can help companies strengthen their international competitiveness.

  • Maiko Kojima CEO
    ChatBook, Inc.
    Maiko Kojima CEO
    Office LocationMinato-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentSeptember 2016


    Automating sales and other customer acquisition for customer acquisition

    We automate communication related to customer acquisition. When a viewer click on an SNS advertisement, automatically a conversation starts on facebook messenger. A chatbot automatically asks the viewer for their needs or starts a conversation based on a preconfigured scenario. By checking the content of the conversation on the management screen and the viewer's registered information on Facebook, companies can screen prospective customers. In addition, companies can check the user information of prospective customers who left during the conversation, to improve the accuracy of customer targeting and sales talk.

    We promote our technology to increase the efficiency of sales activities amid a shrinking labor force, and will promote our service as a tool for acquiring customers efficiently.

    Information is also managed in an integrated manner, making it easier for our clients to interact within their team. That encoouradges them to link marketing to inside sales, and accelerate team performance. Our service will continue to support an efficient sales system.

  • Miwa Tanaka CEO
    Waris Co., Ltd.
    Miwa Tanaka CEO
    Office LocationChiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentApril 2013


    Providing recruitment services to match women with companies, to help create diverse lifestyles and working styles for women

    We promote diverse lifestyles and working styles through "Waris Professional," a matching business that connects freelance women with companies, and "Waris Work Again," a business that supports the re-employment of women who have left their company.

    More than 9,000 experienced women in their 30s and 40s specializing in public relations, human resources, marketing, accounting and finance fields are registered on Waris Professional. Companies can outsource their work to a highly specialized personnel whenever and whatever they need. Women can practice a freelance working style that is not restricted by time or location.

    "Waris Work Again" matches companies with women that have comparatively long employment experience, mainly former regular employees who have graduated from university or graduate school. The matching occurs through our original seminars, internships, and recruitment meetup events. Particularly with regard to past internship participants, we have considerable achievements, with 90% of past intership participants hired after their internship.


  • Rie Miura CEO
    Kidseeds Inc.
    Rie Miura CEO
    Office LocationChuo-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentDecember 2017


    Creating free time for parents through a reservation system that allows parents to search for fun games, experience opportunities, and learning sessions for their childeren with just three clicks

    We provide a service for searching for fun games and experience opportunities such as arts & craft and programming, or learning sessions for children. Parents are able to search for sessions that begin at time when it is convenient for them, and then find content that is suitable for their child or which will provide their child with their first-ever experience from a variety of genres; completing the entire process from reservation to payment in three clicks at the quickest.

    This system is an educational service for children, but it also supports parents in finding their own free time. When parents need to leave their children for a while, they may use a day care center or babysitter. However, those options not only require a fee, but may also bring on a small sense of guilt to parents. By using our service, parents can provide their children with a fun and educational time that has a positive impact on their future, and while also dispeling a small amount of guilt. We hope that increasing parents' leisure time will improve the relationship between parents and children, as well as create new consumer activities which will contribute to the revitalization of the economy.

  • Mami Yamashita CEO
    Kokoruku, Inc.
    Mami Yamashita CEO
    Office LocationShibuya-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentDecember 2013


    Supporting child-rearing households to go out by offering lunch plans with daycare

    We collaborate with business partners and stores including restaurants to design plans with daycare and sell them on our service site “Kokoruku." We will make more restaurants available to them, which mothers and fathers could not go to with their children before, and increase opportunities for them to go out with peace of mind. The biggest feature of the system is that it completes "restaurant search," "restaurant reservation," and "daycare arrangement" in one stop. Many mothers feel that “they can no longer have their own time" after childbirth, so we will encourage child-rearing households to go out and help them have their own time.

    We consider the time spent by parents and children on a day-to-day basis and daily communication between parents and children as "minimum unit (micro) of child-rearing environment." As a means to improve this environment, we focus on going-out behaviors of child-rearing households. Our goal is to transform the way of going out with children.

  • Yoshimi Fuji Founder & CEO
    ShareTable Inc.
    Yoshimi Fuji Founder & CEO
    Office LocationOta-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentFebruary 2018


    Supporting mothers after childbirth with a matchmaking app for moms based on children's ages and mothers' lifestyle

    Our matchmaking app, "sango" aims to eliminate isolation for mothers after childbirth. Once you register your child's monthly age, your interests, concerns, and lifestyles, the app automatically matches you with the right person using its own algorithm based on such conditions as geographical area, work style, and child's monthly age, and lets you have an online chat with the person.

    Closed communication linked to child-rearing communities and real-life communication postings make it easier for mothers to make decisions regarding purchasing choices related to day-to-day child-rearing.

    After childbirth, women are said to be most vulnerable to depression, and there are some cases in which they experience anxiety about child-rearing, loss of confidence, fatigability, and a decline in appetite. Such situations can have a negative impact on mother-child relation and the development of children, and in order to prevent child abuse, it is desirable to detect such situations and provide support at an early stage.

  • Yuki Miyahara CEO
    Siblings LLC.
    Yuki Miyahara CEO
    Office LocationSetagaya-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentMay 2017


    Provision of "Meiiku," a website related to gender education for child-rearing families, with the aim of disseminating accurate gender knowledge

    We provide a gender education platform for child-rearing families. The "Meiiku" website provides information on the mental and physical development of children by age and gender, the Q&A section on concern about gender, and videos and picture books which parents and children can enjoy together. The creator team consisting of mothers is sharing the expertise of physicians in the form of "how to communicate to children." We also plan to launch a chatbot-based expert consulting service in the future. Furthermore, we are involved in planning and holding gender education seminars for schools and parents by leveraging our network of physicians and specialists familiar with child development and gender education.

    Children easily access information on gender through the Internet, while parents in their 20s through 40s have not had sufficient gender education and do not have a good understanding of how to educate children. Through easy-to-understand illustrations, we aim to disseminate gender knowledge at home by eliminating the taboo view of Japan's gender education through the positive and easy-to-understand dissemination of gender-related information.

  • Mari Utano Founder & CEO
    Mari Utano Founder & CEO
    Office LocationShinjuku-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentSeptember 2016


    Provision of home healthcare services such as "the ShakaShaka Brush Kit", which enables children to enjoy making a habit of brushing their teeth by attaching the main unit to a toothbrush while linking to the app

    We have commercialized "the ShakaShaka Brush Kit", a toothbrushing monitoring service for children that utilizes IoT. With the link between the main unit and app, the brushing movements are captured by a sensor, and the information is analyzed and visualized, which is then provided to a user through the app. It is very difficult during child-rearing to get children to make a habit of brushing their teeth. However, this product comes with a cute design that can be attached to one's favorite toothbrush, therefore, it helps children improve their toothbrushing habit while having fun like a game. We will develop products and services that provide enjoyable education and protect health.

    The national medical expenditure exceeds 40 trillion yen, which is a major social issue. It is therefore important to anticipate signs of illness through home health support. By accumulating health data from early childhood, we will raise awareness and contribute to reducing national and household medical expenses.

    In addition to toothbrushing, our mission is to inform families before they have major disease so that they can lead a happy life. Therefore we collect family members' health data at home and provide a home healthcare platform to visualize and contribute to the health of family members.

  • Yuko Kuma CEO
    Mamoru Inc.
    Yuko Kuma CEO
    Office LocationShinjuku-ku, Tokyo
    EstablishmentJuly 2018


    Supporting educational sites by standardizing reporting systems and measures to prevent bullying

    We operate "Mamoru", a reporting platform for preventing bullying by keeping an eye out for minor signs of bullying mainly from elementary school, junior high school, and high school students. We assume that schools will introduce this service so that students can use it.

    "Mamoru" links the function that enables students to report problems at schools with the database of know-how possessed by anti-bullying experts, and supports the creation of a proper organizational structure to take measures against bullying at educational institutions. It also predicts changes in mental state of students using the access history and prevents bullying.

    Through collaboration with an anti-bullying expert team, we will realize a system to prevent bullying at a certain level regardless of experiences of teaching staff. As it can be applied not only to schools but also to all organizations, we aim to develop a system that can respond to "bullying among adults (in the workplace)" such as genderual harassment and power harassment.